If Only – Summer Love

If Only – Summer Love 


“Uh oh, someone woke up on the wrong side of bed.” Nikki said to herself as she found Sky on the step, all frowned up and pouting.

“Sky, you want milk?” She sweetly asked her brother.

“hmmmp” He grunted and move sideways. His sister keeping her laughter at bay.

In time, Abby with Sunshine and Luke went of their rooms, as she tried to think of something that would entice their brother dear.

“Oh, ate Abby, Sunshine, kuya Luke you want to help me bake cupcakes?”

Both were a bit surprised in the way Nikki called them out then noticed her looking at Sky’s way. They took the hint.

“Of course ate Nikki. Sunshine and I would love to help. Right, Sunshine?”

“Yes, ate Abby, I want to help.” Sunshine and clapped as she was excited too.

“Wow! I will help too. Then we’ll make big cupcakes so I could eat a lot of it!” Luke said with a tease.

All three looked at Sky who was looking at them then turned his back. They chuckled. Nikki then went to him.

“Let’s go Sky. Help us bake lots of cupcakes.”

“otei.” He said without enthusiasm. Then he asked. “Ate Nikki, where is mommy and daddy? I went to their room but they are not there.”

Now Nikki knows what’s with their brother.

“Sky, mommy needed to do something at work. Daddy accompanied her so they could get back home early.”

“Why did not tell me?”

“Why they did not inform you?” Nikki asked and he nodded. “Because you were still sleeping and they were hoping to come back as soon as possible but you woke up too early. So, while waiting, we will bake, okay?”

“otei ate.”

And that is what the couple arrived to. All 5 kids in the kitchen, with flour and chocolate mix on their faces and their laughter filling in the house.

Maya smiled with tears in her eyes as Ricky placed his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the head.

“Mom! Dad! Join us.” Luke called out.


“Sky! Miss na miss ako ah.”

“Naku mommy, kung alam mo lang po.”

“Mukhang may dramang nangyari. O, sige magpapalit lang kami ng daddy nyo at tutulong kami.”

“I’m good sweetheart, kaya nyo na yan. Mag-watch na lang kami ni Sean.”

“No daddy, dapat kasali rin po kayo. Sigurado po si Sean gusto rin nun makigulo pagkagising nya.”

“But… ”

“Daddy, tara na. Manang-mana ka talaga kay Sky.”

Ricky laughed and knowing too well he can’t win with his family.

“Fine, you all win.”

“I love you!” Maya responded as she laughed.

He kissed her on the lips. “I love you too! Let’s go change our clothes now, I need to teach them how to bake.”

Everyone stopped then laughed out loud at their dad.

“Ikaw na talaga sweetheart!”

As they laughed once more and head on to their bedroom to change clothes.


Have a happy weekend everyone! 😊



15 thoughts on “If Only – Summer Love

  1. Ohhhh what a happy moment for the fam… missing the show a lot 😫😫thanks MissEjoy and have a lovely weekend

  2. Hello, I just want to say what a prolific writer you are. I like your “If Only” series as it continues to chronicle the idyllic life of the Lim family as they are portrayed in the BCWMH tv series. I am a relatively new fan of Richard and Maya from the tv series and I like reading anything that features this duo, so thank you for continuously writing stories about them. Can I also have the passwords for your protected stories – It Was Somehow Real, I Fee Your Pain, Cherish, and Balentimes? My email is tfablack@gmail.com . Thank you again and may you always find inspiration to keep on writing. God bless and more power to you.

  3. Grabe talaga si Sky sa pagka grumpy manang mana kay Ricky… LOL.. As always many thanks Ms. Ejoy for your untiring effort or rather untiring “If Only” stories… so fun reading and cant help yourself not to laugh and the kilig is there too. God Bless

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