If Only – Company Event

If Only – Company Event
“Ricky, ano ngang meron sa LAI?”
“Ummm, may pageant sweetheart. Nagkatuwaan lang kasi lima lang ung babaeng istudyante.”
“So, isa ka sa mga judge?”
“Ah, no sweetheart.”
“Wala kang participation?”
“Anong gagawin mo?”
“I’ll be one of the hosts. They have invited a lady pilot…” He was not able to finish as Maya interrupted him.
“I don’t think hosting would suit you sweetheart.”
He cleared his throat, “You think so sweetheart?”
“Oo sweetheart, hindi bagay sa’yo.”
“Well then, kakanta na lang ako.”
“Sweetheart, I have to be part of this event especially since this will be the first. At sakto sya for the anniversary of LAI.”
“Kumpleto na kayo sa judges?”
“Am not sure sweetheart, si Minerva kasi nag-aasikaso. I can check with her.”
“Okay lang, ako na lang magtatanong.”
“Why do you seem so interested in this event sweetheart?”
“Well, sabi mo nga first time to and will be part of the LAI’s anniversary. Don’t you think it will be fitting that I get to be part of the event as well? I might be able to give some tips to the candidates. In case you forgot sweetheart, am a flight stewardess.”
“Oh no, sweetheart, I definitely won’t forget that I <kiss> am <kiss> the <kiss> luckiest <kiss> man <kiss> to <kiss> have <kiss> captured <kiss> and <kiss> married <kiss> the <kiss> most <kiss> beautiful <kiss> and <kiss> hottest <kiss>  flight <kiss> stewardess <kiss> here <kiss> on <kiss> earth <kiss>.”
She giggled as he kissed her with each word he uttered.
“No need to be jealous Mrs. Lim, I’m only yours as you’re only mine.”
“Ugghh! Nakakainis ka!”
“hahaha, tama naman di ba?”
She pouted, so he kissed her again as they moved towards the bed. 🙂
 Happy lang 😊

30 thoughts on “If Only – Company Event

  1. Go Mrs Lim okey lang ang magselos kung ganyan ba naman kalambing si Mr
    Lim just to prove his love eh I dont mind being jealous all the time 👍👍👍

  2. Ay happy na happy my dear! Salamat sa happy pill! This past month, adiks are very happy. Wow, adiks sobrang happy, high na high. JoChard kasi! Salamat ulit! Pero nagawa mong lumayo sa paborito mong pamangkin Ms. Ejoy…. hmmmm… interesting… 🤔😉😊

    1. ako cha d na ngrerequest ng kasunod…gang dun lang daw si Ejoy….for GP sia not for adult hahahahaha….ngsawa na ako sa pagrequest dba Ejoy??? lagi ka naman nambibitin eh hehe! peace! love u! hehe

  3. hahahahaha ang bilis ng pick up ni mr lim…alam agad na jeling jeling si mrs. lim hahahhaha….huling huli si mrs. lim hahaha…galeng! thnx Ejoy….God bless!

  4. at binasa ko talaga yun “I am the luckiest man to have captured and married the most beautiful and hottest flight stewardess here on earth ” napagod ako. hahaha!!!

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