If Only – School is Fun

If Only – School is Fun
[a/n: bear with me, not familiar with the game 😅 and not in the zone yet 😄]
   There was a school event that the twins were to participate in. Their school has adapted the Bet on Your Baby game show as their welcome exercise for the kids.
   The family were ecstatic of course. Sky and Sunshine were part of the twins edition.
   With the ever competitive mommy, Maya even had practice at home. Ricky, the kids, and with ate Doris, ate Sable and kuya Joma, supported wholeheartedly.
   On the final round. the couple discussed who will answer and who will go with the kids inside the room. Maya suggested Ricky to go with the kids, to which he agreed.
   While inside the room, Sky went to his dad and asked to be carried.
“You tired buddy?”
“Yes dahdi, I’m tired.”
“But we still have to finish the game.”
“I’m sleepy.” He said as he moved further onto his dad’s neck.
He is definitely his son. What else could daddy do but bribe.
“After this buddy, we’ll go to Jollibee so you can have spaghetti to give your strength back.”
“Really dahdi?” The cute little boy now on full alert.
“Yes, of course. We will celebrate after. So, you okay to finish now?”
“Otei dahdi. Let’s go!”
Ricky and Maya laughed.
“Your son’s really cute.” The school head commented who also acted as the host.
“Naku, thank you po ma’am. May kaartehan lang talaga minsan.”
“Okay lang yan, normal with the kids. Swerte nyo kasi madaling utuin.”
And they shared a good laugh.
   They were declared the winners since daddy was able to pacify Sky and Sunshine was participating well.
“Ummmm, yummy dahdi.” Sky enthusiastically commented as he ate on his spaghetti.
His parents enjoyed watching him eat.
“Did you enjoy the game too? Sky and Sunshine?”
“Yes, mommy. It is so fun.” Sunshine answered.
“It’s tiring mommy.” Sky answered.
“But fun?” Maya put in. Ricky was biting his lips to prevent himself from smiling, while Sky frowned as though thinking if he should agree with his mom.
“A little only.” He answered after a moment which earned laughter from his parents and older siblings.
“Oh Sky, ang cutie mo talaga.” Nikki commented.
“Oo nga ate, konting fun lang talaga.” Abby seconded.
“At least nag-enjoy, hahaha.” Luke’s remark.
They continued eating as they talk more of the event.
Really fun to share good times with the family. 😊

8 thoughts on “If Only – School is Fun

  1. Pareho pala kami ni Sky ng favorite. Jollibee spaghetti! More fun, Sky, to eat spaghetti than the game? 😜👍 Thank you Ms. Ejoy for the very much needed happy pill!!

  2. Thank you thereaderwritergal for this episode, sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa. Namiss ko ito and wondering bakit nakalusot sa aking apat na mata. Really unusual, anyway mga masunuring bata pero kailan ng pampadulas para umandar kung minsan. Cheers!

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