If Only – Macho Man

If Only – Macho Man


[a/n: this was inspired by my friend’s son…]


It was a long weekend, no work and school for the family. Joma requested for a time off so he could bond with Marco. So, the couple allowed Doris, Sabel and Joma to enjoy the long weekend as well.



Maya with the help of Nikki and Abby does the cooking while Luke and Ricky work on the dishes after.

One afternoon, Ricky decided to clean their vehicles.



“Sweetheart, linisan ko lang ung mga sasakyan.”


Then Luke piped in, “Dad, tulungan ko na po kayo.”


“Okay, thanks son.”


“Dahdi, where you and kuya Luke going?” The curious kid stood up from playing.


“Kuya Luke and I are going to clean our vehicles.”


“I’ll join Dahdi. I help too.”


“Oh, okay.” Then he called on his wife, “Sweetheart, tutulong daw si Sky sa amin.”


“Ah, okay sweetheart. Sige kaming girls, gagawa ng merienda nyo.”


“Yun!” Luke commented.


The girls and the boys went on their tasks. When the foods were ready, Maya asked the girls to fix the table outside.

Once done, Maya asked Abby to call their dad and brothers.


“Mommy, ate Nikki, dali labas po kayo. Hahaha”

Curious as to what Abby was laughing at, they went to their garage and was indeed surprised.



“Sweetheart! Bakit basang-basa si Sky? At bakit wala ng damit yan?”


“Naku sweetheart, di naman natulong. Nangkukulit lang. Pero kaya yan wala ng shirt, kasi si machoman daw siya. Ang kulit na, di na nagpapatalo. Si Luke ata ang napikon.”


“hahaha, hindi naman po dad. Kaso hindi na nga pikon gano si Sky.”


“Teka, anong machoman?” Maya curiously asked.


“Eh sweetheart, alam mo naman yang anak mo with the hose and water. His task was to point the hose towards the vehicles, later we saw him all wet and giggling.” Now they were all laughing, then Ricky continued.


“Since he was already wet, Luke took off his shirt. Luke teased him with his big tummy and called him Fat Man. He then put out his muscles and answered with a big voice, I’m Macho Man. Luke was so surprised, I could only laugh.”


They all laughed and when Nikki recovered, she commented,


“Oh my gee kuya, talo ka na ni Sky sa pang-aasar. Hahaha”


“Oo nga kuya, wala na ata mananalo sa kanya.” Abby seconded.


Maya then addressed Sky, “Sky, come on, I’ll give you a bath. You might get sick.”


“Dahdi, we’re done?”


“Yes, buddy. Thank you for the help.”


He grinned as an answer showing off his dimples. Mommy Maya couldn’t help but pinch his cute chubby cheeks. Then he cried.


“Oh, mommy is so sorry baby. Mommy will kiss it, okay?” The cute crying little boy nodded his head. The rest of the family were silently laughing.


Sunshine then came out of the house.


“Why is Sky crying mommy?”


“Mommy accidentally pinched him on his cheeks, baby.”


“Because it’s so chubby?”


“I’m not chubby!” He said indignantly. Everyone were biting their lips to step themselves from laughing out loud.


“Naku kuya, may makakapikon pa rin pala kay machoman.” Nikki whispered, as they huddled near each other and laughed among themselves.


Ricky and Maya looked at each other and could only shake their head in amusement.


“Sunshine, Sky, enough okay? Let’s go take a bath now so we could eat.”


Sky went with his mom, while Ricky carried his baby princess. And they all went inside just in time for Sean to wake up from his nap.



Happy week everyone. But I know it is. 😀


[a/n: …who doesn’t want to be called chubby 😁; we’re actually missing our bochog baby 😆]



18 thoughts on “If Only – Macho Man

  1. ang cute talaga ni bhebhe iskay! 😍 napapadalas ang pag topless nya ha, eh si Daddy kaya kelan naman? hehehehe!!!!!✌🏻️😂 chos! thanks for another wonderful story Ejoy! I’m always looking forward to this, sana di ka mag sawa…😁

  2. thank you to you and to macho man for making the Lim family happy and US as well….thank you for these stories…buti nalang me ishkay tayo na mapapaglaruan kahit dto sa FFs lang….we can imagine him…and them…as they will always be part of us adiks…how can we forget them kong me ejoy, timmy, hannah, attymayi, maltz, titayayabels, rambler, princemackaroo, sulatpapel, etc etc etc….God bless you and give you and the other autors/writers more ideas to share and most of all time to write them!!

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