If Only – Baby Hero

If Only – Baby Hero

The family were having their dinner and sharing what happened with their day. Everyone went quiet when Sky started to talk.

“Mommy, Sunshine is like me also in school now.”

“What do you mean kuya Sky?”

“A lot of boys say hi to her like girls say hi to me.” He innocently shared.

Everyone had a surprised looked on their faces except for the head of the family, whose brows were furrowed and eyes in one line.

Maya was trying her hardest to stifle a smile seeing her husband’s face. She cleared her throat.

“Sky, are the boys just friendly to your sister?”

“Yes mommy, they are friendly. They give Sunshine chocolates. But Sunshine tells them that we are not allowed to eat chocolates, so she give it back.” The cute little boy has just innocently added more fuel to the annoyance of his dad. Maya touched his arm.

“Sweetheart, hindi ba masarap yung luto ko?” Maya distracted him. He took the hint.

“It’s yummy mommy, why Dahdi don’t like it?” Sky asked.

Ricky cleared his throat and addressed their son.

“No, it’s good buddy. Daddy loves it.” Sky grinned at his father and he resumed his eating. Then Ricky directed his attention to his baby princess.

“Princess, are these boys disturbing you?”

“No, daddy. They are afraid of Sky.”

“Why? What does Sky do?”

“He always tells them not to go near me, so they only say hi.”

Now Ricky’s face smoothened with relief and both him and Maya can’t be anymore prouder. The older siblings were smiling too.

“Wow, Sky. That’s very good. You look after your sister.”

“Dahdi, kuya Luke always tell me to look after Shineshine and not let any boys come near her. So, I do that.”

He explained like it was such a simple thing. But it is more than that of course for the parents. Ricky looked at his eldest son and his heart is bursting with pride how his kids took charge of looking out for each other.

“Thank you, son.”

“Wala po yun dad. Sinabihan ko lang naman po si Sky, nakakatuwa na he took it by heart. I’m so proud of you brother.” He addressed his brother who just grinned as a response.

“Oh Sky, ate is so proud of you too. And as a reward, I will bake cupcakes for you.”

“Ate Nikki, I want cake. Cupcake is small.” He seriously requested. Of course, who can say no to this cute little kid? Mommy’s hero.

“Whatever you wish kuya Sky, ate will be happy to do so.” Maya answered.

“Sunshine, let’s help ate Nikki when she bakes the cake?” Abby asked.

“Okay ate. But I want cupcakes.” Sunshine added.

“Of course, we will have both. For our cutie brother and sister.” Nikki responded.

“Yehey!!!” The twins said in chorus. And everyone smiled at them.

Just one happy day passing through. 🙂


18 thoughts on “If Only – Baby Hero

  1. Of course! The cutest, most adorable, Mr. Grumpy himself is the hero (in a whisper… aside from kuya luke. 😉) who else?! Right, Tita E? 😜👍 Love how the head of the family reacted! Priceless! Thank you for my happy pill and putting a smike on my face. I am a happy adik today!

  2. love it! d lang si dahdi ang seloso…pati din si ishkay at si kuya luke hahahahaha..alagang alaga ang baby princess nila…nice nice!!! wish i can see it in d tv…hahahahha…ok lang thru imagination na nga lang tayo sa Lim family hayyy!! thanks Ejoy!!! God bless!

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