If Only – Jabee Moments

If Only – Jabee Moments

“Sky, Sunshine, Jollibee mascot is so cute, right?”

“No, mommy, he’s not.”

“Eh why do you love to go to Jollibee?”

“I love spaghetti.” He simply answered.

“But the mascot is cute.”

“No, mommy.”

Sunshine then piped in.

“Then you’re not cute, Sky.”

“Why did you say that, Sunshine?” Maya asked.

“Because Sky looks like Jollibee, they both have chubby cheeks.”

“Am not chubby! Am macho man.”

The family laughed at the banter of the twins.

“Ikaw lang sweetheart ang natutuwa kay Jollibee.” Ricky whispered to her. Maya then looked at her husband who was giving her a serious annoyed look.

She covered her mouth as she smiled.

“Sweetheart, wala namang ginagawa si Jollibee.”

He did not respond but gave her a more annoyed look.

“Uy, sweetheart! Natutuwa lang ako kay Jollibee kasi ang kulit. Grabe ka naman.”

“Sa akin ka lang dapat natutuwa.”

Now Maya is torn between laughing or keeping her mouth shut. But, Maya being Maya, she wouldn’t let this pass. She hugged him on his arm.

“Sweetheart, wag mo ng pagselosan si Jollibee. Ano namang binatbat sa’yo ng bubuyog? Ikaw Mr. Lim gwapo, mabango at…”

He raised an eyebrow with her hanging word.

“Mapagmahal. Naku sweetheart, sigurado akong mas tipo ka nun.” She holds his face and grinned at him before kissing him square on the lips.

Their kids laughing at them, then they hugged their parents.

“I love you my family.” Nikki said before joining again the group hug.



12 thoughts on “If Only – Jabee Moments

  1. Mr. Lim ikaw na talaga ang pinaka ??? hahaha… super cute kung mag selos… Thanks Ms. E as usual you don’t failed us to laugh any short story you write… keep it going

  2. Thank you thereaderwritergal sa another awesome and funny episode ng Lim’s family. I have been smiling the rest of the day iniisip ang comparison ni Ser Chief against sa big bubuyog. Cheers.

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