If Only – Questions

If Only – Questions

[a/n: sorry, I’m a bit short-circuited]

“Mommy, why me and Sunshine have D in our name, kuya Luke, ate Nikki and ate Abby have S. Why, mommy?” The curious little boy asked one afternoon.

“Ummm, baby, I don’t know if you would understand. But you see, kuya Luke, ate Nikki and ate Abby, they have a different mommy.”

He frowned, “Why mommy? You’re not their mommy?”

“Daddy has a first wife, and she is your kuya and ates first mommy. But she is in heaven now and looking after us.”

“She an angel now?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Were they sad?”

“Yes, baby. They were very sad for a long time.”

“How did they become happy mommy?”

“A beautiful princess came.”

“Really mommy?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Who is the princess mommy?”

 “I am that princess baby.”

“Really mommy? How?”

Before Maya started to tell the story, she called on Sunshine. And she told them of the story of the Beautiful Princess and the grumpy King.

After telling the story, Maya then turned into asking Sky.

“Sky, do you look like me?”


“But why? Mommy’s ugly?” She asked pouting her lips.

Sky hold her face with his little hands, as he seriously answered,

“No, you’re beautiful mommy but you’re a girl. I look like Dahdi. We’re both boy and handsome.”

She could only laugh out loud as she embraced him with so much gigil.

“Naku, manang-mana ka nga sa daddy mo.”

He only grinned at his mom.


-May we all have a great week ahead. 😊


12 thoughts on “If Only – Questions

  1. Thank you Ms. E! Short but deep and sweet. May kasunod ba ‘tong Questions? Just curious as there’s so much to explore here. Very much looking forward to it if there is or are. Just like you mentioned, it’s mommy’s moment. Hope more to come with Questions! 😜👍

  2. unga naman mommy how can u be look alike when ur a girl and ishkay is a boy….sus! hahahahaha….thanks tagal ako d nakapag open….me binantayang Korean series (Bride of the Water God Habaek)…how are you? God bless!!!

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