If Only – A Trip to Remember 2

If Only – A Trip to Remember 2

After almost a week of vacation, the couple are now heading home.

While waiting for their turn in the check-in counter, Maya was talking animatedly.

“Naku sweetheart, excited na kong umuwi. Na-miss ko na ung mga bata. Sigurado ako, hindi tayo patutulugin ng mga yun kasi magpapakwento pa sila.”

Then she noticed her husband was not responding. Only to find out his attention was somewhere else.

“Sweetheart, kanina pa ko nagsasalita di ka naman pala nakikinig.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. But do you know who that woman is?”

She looked at whom Ricky was pointing at.

“Ah, si Jodi Sta. Maria, sweetheart.”

“Oh, that’s why she looks familiar.”

“Sweetheart, andun sya sa ASAP show, di mo napansin?”

“Ummmm, no.”

“Ah, oo nga pala, naniningkit kasi mga mata mo dahil kina Piolo at Richard Yap.”

And she laughed a little. Ricky looked back. After a moment,

“Ricardo, you do know it’s very impolite to stare.”

She’s starting to feel annoyed at her husband.

Then he made the biggest mistake of commenting,

“She’s more gorgeous in person.”

Now, it’s Maya’s eyes turning into slits.


And he heard a bit of Sky in that No.

“But of course, you’re far more gorgeous Β than her.” He responded as he swiftly looked at her and grinned, thinking he’ll be able to get away like Sky.

“Ewan ko sau, Ricardo. Makipag-usap ka sa pagong.”

Of course, that’s far from reality. And, yes, he will endure a long flight hours with his grumpy wife.

I can only say, good luck sa paglalambing.


12 thoughts on “If Only – A Trip to Remember 2

  1. waaaa i like how you made each of them jealous of their true character….katuwa tlaga hahahaha…playing safe ka ha? ayaw mo magalit mga JoChard adik sau kaya d ka gumamit ng ibang artistang pagseselosan ha? wahahahaha…kakaaliw!! God bless thank u!

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